06/2013:Paper accepted for IJGIS: 
A. Croitoru, A. Crooks, J. Radzikowski & A. Stefanidis, 2013. GeoSocial Gauge: A System Prototype for Knowledge Discovery from Social Media.
05/2013:Paper accepted for ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information: 
S.P. Jackson, W. Mullen, P. Agouris, A. Croitoru, A. Crooks & A. Stefanidis, 2013. Assessing Completeness and Spatial Error of Point Data in Volunteered Geographic Information
03/2013: Paper accepted for Remote Sensing of the Environment:  
S. Li, D. Sun, M Goldberg, & A. Stefanidis, 2013. Derivation of 30-m Resolution Water Maps from TERRA/MODIS and SRTM. Remote Sensing of the Environment, 134417-430.
02/2013: Paper accepted for IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing:  
S. Li, D. Sun, Y. Yu, I. Csiszar & A. Stefanidis, 2013. A New Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Method for Quantitative Water Fraction Derivation and Evaluation with EOS/MODIS and Landsat/TM Data.
01/2013: Paper accepted for Cartography and GIS special issue on social media:  
A. Stefanidis, A. Cotnoir, A. Croitoru, A. Crooks, M. Rice, and J. Radzikowski, 2013. Demarcating New Boundaries: Mapping Virtual Polycentric Communities through Social Media Content, Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 40(2): 116-129.
11/2012: Dissertation and Thesis defenses:  
Jon Clark defends his PhD Dissertation on 'Spatial Arrangement as a Part of Geospatial Jon Clark defends his PhD Dissertation on Feature Ontologies', Andrew Jenkins defends his MS Thesis on 'Mapping Location-Based Social Topics in Todayʼs Evolving Cities', and Josh Magarick also defends his MS Thesis on 'Improving Vegetation and Background Discrimination from Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Fusion Using an Added Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) HIS Component'
9/2012: Center activities featured in Trajectory magazine. 
Trajectory magazine link
8/2012: Center work receives USGIF Award. 
A. Stefanidis, A. Croitoru, A. Crooks and J. Radzikowski receive the 2012 Academic Research Award by the US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) for their work on harvesting geospatial information from social media feeds.
7/2012: Center work featured in 'Advances in Engineering' 
Center work is featured online on Advances in Engineering
5/2012: Paper accepted for Remote Sensing of Environment: 
R. Zhang, D. Sun, Y. Yu, A. Stefanidis, & M.D. Goldberg, 2012. Validation of the GOES-R ABI Flood and Standing Water Algorithm using Gauging Station Measurements and Interpretation Maps.
4/2012: Paper accepted for COM.Geo 2012:
A. Croitoru, A. Stefanidis, J. Radzikowski, A. Crooks, J. Stahl & N. Wayant, 2012. Towards a Collaborative GeoSocial Analysis Workbench.
4/2012: A new award from Draper Lab
"GeoSocial Analysis of Social Media Feeds" PIs: A. Stefanidis, A. Croitoru, A. Crooks
4/2012: Our Election Gauge project featured in the Where 2012 Conference!
Our Election Gauge project featured in the Where 2012 Conference!
3/2012: Paper accepted for Transactions in GIS:
A. Crooks, A. Croitoru, A. Stefanidis & J. Radzikowski, 2012. #Earthquake: Twitter as a Distributed Sensor System
2/2012: Cover page feature in Geospatial Today:
A. Stefanidis and M. Rice, 2012. Geoinformation from all and for all
2/2012: Paper accepted for the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
C. Wang, A. Stefanidis & P. Agouris, 2012. Spatial Content-Based Scene Similarity Assessment.
1/2012: New book chapter:
Book chapter: A. Stefanidis, A. Crooks, J. Radzikowski, A. Croitoru, and M. Rice, 2012. Social Media and the Emergence of Open-Source Geospatial Intelligence.
10/2011: Paper accepted for Geojournal
A. Stefanidis, A. Crooks & J. Radzikowski, 2011. Harvesting Ambient Geospatial Information from Social Media Feeds (in press)
9/2011: Paper accepted in ACM GIS - ISA/11
X. Lu, C. Wang, N. Karamnzadeh, A. Croitoru & A. Stefanidis, 2011. Deriving Indoor Scene Structure with path Analysis
9/2011: Paper accepted for Journal of Geographic Information System
G. Mountrakis and A. Stefanidis: Moving towards Personalized Geospatial Queries. Journal of Geographic Information System (in press)
8/2011: M.S. student Caleb Gaw has been awarded a USGIF scholarship
M.S. student Caleb Gaw has been awarded a USGIF scholarship for the
2011-12 academic year.
6/2011: Paper accepted at CoSLI 2011 Workshop
J. Pustejovsky, M. Verhagen, A. Stefanidis and C. Wang: Geolocating Orientational Descriptions of Landmark Configurations
4/2011: Paper accepted at ICIP 2011:
C. Twardy & A. Stefanidis, 2011. Local Complexity Adaptable Trajectory Partitioning via Minimum Message Length.
3/2011: A new award from Draper Lab
"Spatiotemporal Analysis for Geospatial Surveillance Applications: Sensor Mobility". PIs: A. Stefanidis, G. Cervone, A. Croitoru.
2/2011: CGEOINT featured in Mason Research 2011.
Merging Space and Time in Four Dimensions (More...)


8/2012: ISPRS Congress
XXII ISPRS Congress will be held in Melbourne, Australia
7/2012: COM.Geo
COM.Geo 2012 will be held in Washington DC
6/2012: UCGIS
UCGIS 2012 will be held in Washington DC



The Center for Geospatial Intelligence (CGEOINT) at George Mason University focuses on research that relates to geospatial and spatiotemporal information extraction, analysis, and visualization.





The CGEOINT team comprises faculty, research associates, and graduate research assistants.




CGEOINT researchers publish in a variety related to image analysis, geospatial and spatiotemporal modeling and analysis.




Among the various educational offerings of the Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science the Center is more closely related to the Graduate Certificate in Geospatila Intelligence, the MS program in Geoinformatics and Geospatial Intellignce, and of course the PhD program.


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